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2017 Bermuda (HCT) and Jamaica (JT) model Tanks

An extremely important part of making sure that your trucks can keep trucking is to ensure that you have an adequate supply of high-quality parts. As nice as it would be to have a full inventory of truck parts in your own facilities, your space is limited. That’s why you need to find a constant source for high-quality parts from all of the leading manufacturers; one that is able to ship you the parts you need when you need them.

Turn to Liberty Oil Equipment Co, Inc. for all of your parts needs. Our highly knowledgeable staff has worked for years to build an extensive inventory of fuel oil truck parts and supplies. Come to us for everything from nuts and bolts to meters, pumps, and reels. The vast majority of our parts are from leading manufacturers, time-tested for quality and durability. Check out our Partners page to see some of the companies whose products we proudly distribute. Most importantly, we’re able to get the parts to you quickly and affordably. We ship anywhere in the United States, and our rates are very reasonable. We would be happy to take your order and shipping information over the phone. Please call today to learn more!


To learn more about the parts and supplies we have in stock, please call us at 860-289-8246.